Watch the Channel works in solidarity with people crossing by boat to the UK. We share safety at sea information, monitor state border policies in the region, and document human rights violations against people on the move.


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From the Right to Remain Toolkit

How to restart your motor

Check the engine is not too hot

Place your hand on top of the engine. If it is too hot to touch, let the engine rest until you can touch it.

Check the kill chord

Make sure your kill cord is secure, the engine will not start with out it. Push it in behind the red or black button and leave it there.

Check your motor is not in gear

If you try and start your engine in gear, nothing will happen. The gear stick must be in the “N” or central position.

Put engine in neutral

Check the fuel hose

Make sure nothing is pressing the fuel hose and check your fuel tank breather is open.

Open fuel tank breather

If the fuel hose is pressed, pump the fuel pump.

If you have no fuel pump, gently pull the pull cord three times.

Restart the engine

Pull out the choke knob.

Set the throttle to start and try to restart the engine by pulling the pull cord hard. Push the choke knob back in once the engine starts. Do not use more than half of your throttle.